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Online ballot opens for One Bid. July, Saturday 22.
Added By: Jen Miescher
Date/Time: 8:00 AM - UKN

The purpose of this vote is to eliminate the current bid system of rotational division bids and replace it with :
A Master bid where every currently manned station in the  county system  is open and filled by seniority. 
The bid will be done by seniority, starting with the number one Senior employee and proceeding down the list until all current spots are filled. This is the same process we use now the only difference is it is now county wide.
Specialties shall be filled under the current rules no change.
Training spots for probational employees will be identified and held for probationary employees as we do now. no change
Openings for OT will be identified and held open in each division to make it fair and equitable as we do now. no change
If any of these openings are deemed unnecessary they will become open for station transfer (bid) as deemed appropriate by Local 935 and SBcFire admin.
Future station movement and openings and 
How will openings be created?
Mutual station swaps will still be honored and the current rules stay in place. no change.
Station openings not filled due to lack of man power are always open.
Promotions-Retirements-New stations-added equipment - additional manning like 4th persons or any other change that creates additional manning.
Future station movement and openings 
All station movement after the Master Bid will be done on the appropriate FLSA periods approximately 6 per year.
If the Master bid is approved when will it happen.
The master bid will be done on the current bid schedule and done in November and the movement of employees shall be done in January as we have planned now for the divisional bids that were going to take place.
Any future annexation of departments and their bid stations will be done as we do it now through volunteers and mutual station trades.


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