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Local 935 Committees


Local 935 Committees


Operations Leadership Commitee

Management - Dan Filter, 

Labor - Bill Villarino, Tony Siciliano, 


Telestaff Committee

Management - Bobby Cox

Labor Chair - Bill Villarino

Co Chair - BJ Myers

Labor - Ryan Starling, Chris Snape, John McGarvey, Aaron Comstock,

Rick Arnold, Brandon Miller


Negotiations Committee

Committee Chair - Jeff English


Committee Members

Captains - Joe Barna, Greg Soria

Engineers - Travis Grapes, Randy Wormdahl

FF/PM - Nima Homayounieh, Scott Moss

Firefighter - Pronenko


HAZMAT Committee

Siciliano, Thomas, Lasiter


Transfer Committee

Siciliano, Division Reps


Uniform Committee

Aguirre, Serrano, Thomas, Mark Murphy


Apparatus and Equipment

Villarino, McClintock, Simpson, Geuerhahn, Wells


Training and Safety

Kern, VIllarino, Siciliano, Porter, Hausman, Simpson


Welless and Fitness

English, Grundy, Goforth, Feuerhahn, Durham, Carter, Anderson, Sheehy


EMS Equipment

Aguirre, Pendergaft, Stine, Michaels, Brumbaugh, Blenkarn, Sanders, Rodrigues, Nickles, Davies


Constitution and Bylaws

Haudecour, Miescher, Pendergraft, Tracy, Pullen, Vail, Rogers, Matteson, Burkhart, Deshon, White, Bradly, Agrelius


Support Services

Allen, Spies, Rodgriguez


Video Productions

McClintock, Spies, Kern, Allen, Saucerman, Schneider, Shiller



Kern, McLaughlin, Durham, McClintock



Millerick, Obier, Englsh



Zach Taylor, Chuck Franklin


Union Hall

John Marini



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